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Interesting Facts About the Meaning of Hummingbirds

The meaning of hummingbirds in ancient folklore can only be found in civilizations native to the Western Hemisphere.  Hummingbirds are only found in the Western Hemisphere, so legends and folklore related to hummingbirds were not created by European, Asian, or African cultures.
Members of the Pueblo Tribe legend and traditions also associate hummingbirds with rain.  Dances to bring rain are filled with symbols of the hummingbird.  One Pueblo legend talks about how a hummingbird gathered clouds from all four directions: north, south, east, and west to bring rain to an earth filled with fire. 

The hummingbird is also often associated with joy and freedom.  A hummingbird is constantly in motion and cannot survive in a cage.  It’s darting motion and bright colors what associates it with joy and a positive outlook, or optimism.


A friend commented that an old wives tale told
that seeing a hummingbird is a reminder that God is always with you
in a most delicate, personal way!

Funny, fat little, tailless bodies
that are supported forward and backwards
with wings that move in the infinity pattern.

For most of the season, I have not seen many hummingbirds,
so sorry to say that I have let the sugar water go rancid in this feeder.
When I did spot and emerald green bird, I immediately went into the house
and made a batch of the nectar they seem to like so much.
I will try to change this out at lease every other day.
I am not sure how long hummingbirds stay in my area,
but will keep them as long as I can!

It was and is very difficult to get these hummers while sipping on my butterfly bushes.
Not only is the blooming time near the end,
but these small birds seem to be fearful of bees and wasps.
They move so quickly form bloom to bloom.
Even I love the heady grape scent in the air near these bushes.

For some reason, most of the hummingbirds that find my simple feeder,
also hover around this funny chicken I have in a tomato planter.
Curious as to what they see in him.
 Early one morning, Harvey was laying at my feet. 
A hummingbird flew and hovered three inches from his face,
and they just stared at each other. 
When the hummer flew away, Harvey just watched as if this happens all the time..
Maybe it does, and I was just privileged to witness this odd friendship.

I must admit that waiting and watching for these little fellows,
has made my heavy heart light again.
I remain quiet, with camera poised. 
The dogs are usually in the chair next to me, as the humid mornings
do not call for chasing after each other. 
Any whirring movement, and my camera comes to attention,
even though most of the time, although these hummingbirds do not seem to be afraid of me,
they are too quick to capture most of their flight paths. 
I have also discovered that the camera that I have had for years,
seems to have an extra zoom for only these pictures. 
I am counting it as a blessing, rather than my ignorance of all things technical.
It is so interesting to see them land and sit for a spell near the bird feeders,
while cardinals, bluejays, sparrows and nuthatches fly in and around.

Hummingbirds seem to only be out in the daylight.
Nighttime finds them nestled in strange little nests.
This was the last pic before dusk,
I took from inside the house.

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